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Mr. Anton
Days and Hours :
08.00 - 16.00
We Address Here
Industrial Area
Candi H-2,
Jl. Gatot Subroto,
Krapyak, Semarang
HP : 085 6265 8486
Telp : 024-7615944
Fax : 024-7615945
Email :
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Welcome to !

You can place your name on a wristlet, pendant / necklace, keychain / phone chain. It is packed with ellegance, funny, exclusive and luxuries for you. You can check the picture of product sample on below :

  Gantungan Kunci / HP  
  Accessoris Alphabet  

This Product is sold firstly in Indonesian country and we serve the grocery / wholesale market and retail market for all country araound the world. If you want to download our product catalog, please click her ( The format of the file is ZIP ).

Its future we will all show a lot of trinkets that many funny and unique only to you. So stay tune in the

Contact us on 085 6265 8486 for wholesale purchases.

Wristlet large size
wristlet cantik ukuran besar

You can create a bracelet with the name of your hands / you name initials. Unique and the first in Indonesia! Especially for you

Wristlet small size
wristlet cantik ukuran kecil

Various color bracelet funny small size, and write your name on the bracelet. Special for the pair as feel exclusive.


With some key that is unique you can give your name or initials are the name of you and pair you.

Phone Chain

You can string your name or the name of your girlfriend in some HP exclusive only for you.

Necklace / Pendant

Make a necklace with your name and initials pair of men, and to show your friends that the necklace with the other. Give a gift this necklace to pair you and he will be surprise to see this kadomu

Puzzle from You Photos

Give something different with a Puzzle Photo of your own to your partner. Image quality puzzle is equivalent to the original image, there are options puzle type of message you can.

Key chains / HP Photo's You

You can make key chains or with HP Photo of your images like this, with little change the background and add a Photo Frame then you will appear different. Shown in the cool refuge Hp you absolutely exhausted!

Prints Photo on Ceramics

Printing your Photo in materialsthe ceramics, with the best quality

Prints Photo on Plate

Printing Photos in the devotion of your plates

Prints Photo on Mug

Printing Photos of those who care about you at the Mug so you'll always remember him.

Print Photo on your T-Shirt
First in Indonesia, print photos in a T-shirt / cloth with equal quality Photo! Quality does not decrease, because the technology is new! Images stick in your shirt your pet.

Tool to transfer your digital Photos to clothing / T-Shirt, with the image quality as the original


3 in 1 machine is a press packet for transferring images to T-Shirt, Mug, and plates.


4 in 1 machine press this package can be used to transfer images to T-Shirt, Mug, 2 plates for press tools.


Engine to transfer digital photos to your plate with the image quality equivalent to the original image. Plates used various options available and should be in the coaling.


Engine to transfer digital photos to your mug with a beautiful way to do press mug that has been coated coaling.


Tool to transfer images to make a hat with a press photo of the hat to your pet


A business opportunity / business opportunities for businesses who want to have a new, promising a potential profit of up to 100% of BEP is very fast. We sell the concept with the use of instant photo studio box, you can enter sutomer up to 8 people at once in the box. Make the image, edit photos and easily add effects and frames to the background in the photos, print them all at once in cepatdalam minutes. Proof of a Self! Photo kiosk for you to present the washing instant prints quickly within 2 minutes. Images can be directly as you have the picture quality. Do not forget there are also facilities for doing photo editing. swap

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